problems for some 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners, with multiple MacRumors readers and Twitter users reporting issues shortly after installing the update over the air. Affected users are seeing an “Error 56” message that instructs them to plug their devices into iTunes.

masalah 9.3.2 error 56 karena OTA

Recently, Apple just released iOS 9.3.2 and undoubtedly, it’s causing some issues for some iPad Pro users. Specifically, bricking their 9.7-inch device with the Error 56 message. According to several iPad Pro owners, this problem occurred after they tried to download the newer version of iOS 9.3 via OTA method, which means going to the Settings app > General > Software Update.

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Apple has released a revised version of iOS 9.2.1 on Thursday to fix devices that have been affected by ‘Error 53,’ an issue that could ‘brick’ a user’s iOS device if it received a third-party Touch ID sensor replacement instead of one of Apple’s own replacements.

What is new in the revised iOS 9.2.1 release?

iOS 9.2.1 has been the latest software version for iOS devices for a month now. Prior to today, iOS 9.2.1 came with build number 13D15. Today’s update comes with build number 13D20.

iOS 9.2.1 build 13D20 is a firmware that users can restore to via iTunes if they’ve ‘bricked’ their devices by having a third-party Touch ID sensor installed. It’s not available as an OTA (over-the-air) update, but instead, must be installed via iTunes on your computer.

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bug safari 

belakangan ini sedang ramai dgn url / situs yg bikin crash safari pada iphone/ipad/ mac 

url tersebut kalo di buka maka safari akan force closed karena adanya bug ato apalah yg menyebabkan safari tersebut crash. dan menyebabkan perangkat apple tersebut restart paksa. setelah restart akan balik normal memang . untuk mencegah hal ini 

gunakan tips ini 


safari suggestion yg terletak di setting -safari di off kan . semoga bermanfaat

maka anda terbebas dari bugs ini 


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Mungkin ada yg ingin aplikasi NoJailbreak dibawah ini. Bisa digunakan untuk download aplikasi berbayar (di AppStore) menjadi gratis. Langsung saja. Ya 😊

1. vShare
Untuk download aplikasi berbayar (di AppStore) menjadi gratis
Nb: aplikasi yang sudah di download kadang kadang ForceClose


2. iNoCydia App
Mungkin yang ingin install iFile boleh dicoba.
Nb: saya belum coba install apa apa disini.


3. AirShou
Aplikasi untuk merakam layar iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS 9)
Nb: Butuh aplikasi Shou.TV. Download di AppStore (Free)


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4. Shou TV
Aplikasi yang dibutuhkan untuk AirShou.

Link: Cek AppStore:-)

5. Happy Chick
Aplikasi Game Emulator


6. Play Box HD
Aplikasi untuk menonton Film-Film bioskop:-D


7. AppCola
Aplikasi yang sama dengan Vshare.
Nb: Kekurangan sama dengan Vshare yaitu ForceClose

Link: (Klik tab download di atas)

8. HipStore
Sama seperti Vshare & AppCola


Cara menjalankan aplikasi ini: Settings – General – Profiles & Device Management – lalu trust

Selamat Mencoba.
Semoga Bermanfaat:-)

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QikShare Free – Transfer and Share Files, Contacts and Pictures the easy way by iVinny –

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kode kode negara iphone 



buat bersihin iphone 

PhoneClean 4.0.3 – Reclaim free space on your iOS devices.
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